IAO Core

IAO Core (pronounced "yow-core"), was an Experimental / Industrial/ Electronic / Psychedelic Noise group whose nucleus formed in the late '80s in San Francisco at 455TENTH (a now defunct- warehouse & performance space).

Official manifesto, circa 1996(?):
Is Artiface Ours? Consider Our Recorded Evidence.

IAO Core does not exist. That is we do not choose to "stand out." We are in hiding. We live across from you. You have your blossoming stock portfolios photocopied by us. Don't worry, we'll give back the right change. We teach your children in universities, and we grade them very harshly. We chaperone your school prom with a sick little grin. You sit next to us in class everyday and never really thought about those words written on the notebook in, what is that language? We entered your name into the database as you registered your insurance adjustment convention. You check out your video equipment from us, too busy thinking about how to write your grant proposal to notice the peculiar insignia that hovers out of the corner of your eye.

We are the heaving piece of ass that you might tip at the strip club, or maybe not. You had sex with us in a toilet once and keep thinking about it now, how to get a hold of them again? You bought drugs from us, and as your head started buzzing like a bug killing lamp the particular curdling of the smoke in your room spelled out the scent of our sound.

Or perhaps today we are driving our children (that's right, children) to work and you think that there's nothing out of the ordinary until maybe you look again. You pray into the darkness for an opening, an answer, some sort of pulling aside of the curtains that seem to hang so heavily upon obscured, half-intimated truths, thoughts out of focus, never quite getting there.

IAO Core is the sound of illusion's abyss opening. We are everywhere, in several countries a once, several states, distributed across multiple time zones conducting interdisciplinary oneiric excavations of the world's cosmetically concealed trainwreck, snickering in the faculty rooms of different academic departments, gluing the cash register shut behind the dodgy, permanently closed doorways of several closed business fronts, scouring the temple floor for the dust of calcified incense for use in retribution via sympathetic magic, handing out nihilist leaflets at patchouli soaked gatherings, spectacularly vomiting on the floor in smart cafes at the peak of your poetry reading, dropping heaps of scrap metal in the quietest corner of specialist libraries, scrounging for tips in yuppie restaurants, flyering obscure suburbs, sowing the seeds of...what?

Don't worry. It's just the occasional crap improv noise set, where are my drink tickets? Or a stall at a media fair. Or an impossibly, unreadably "eclectic" fanzine. Or maybe we're just a band. That's all really. Or is it?

IAO Core does not exist.

Our aggregate identity is so loose as to hover upon the nether-lip of nonexistence, and yet we routinely reassemble, wielding home detourned guitar implements and catastrophically oxidized ritual electronics, disseminating via home made hibias tape dubbing our aleatory offerings, DAT-mastered akashic records on file, dripping with tattooed depictions of alternate evolutionary pathways, punctuating your dour urban parade ground with obscenely suggestive invisible billboards advocating involuted value/energy distribution schemes.

And now in addition to those medias we are a gaping hole within your net, your World Wide Web, your Totalized Tissue of Tyranny, in the place of the usual redundant tidal wave of stultifying info-sameness we pierce a tiny hold, a tear in the web, (giant sucking sound), the sound of Illusions' Abyss Opening.



IAO Core Consumption Program:

Sound Works Gaia Soundtrack/Musick for the Lifeboat 1985
Live at the Gilman Street Project 1987
A View From the Dogtower 1987
One Thousand Points of Light 1988
Strange Attractors 1992 (still available(?) C-60 $6.00)
Doomsday Passes With Earth Intact 1994 (available C-60 DAT mastered $7.00)

We were featured on compilation CDs: From the Machine (Index Records,1991); Arrythmia (Charnel House,1991); Co-project ATOI on "Sonic Acupuncture" (Silent Records,1995) (very brief and identified as Iao Kore). Video Works: Strange Attractors Video Accompaniment 1992 (available $23.00); IAO Core's Abject and Unusual Video Magazine #'s One, Two and the forthcoming 3. (only #2 and 3 available unless you really ask nice...$18.00) Involving The Haters, Pierson Post Industries, No One, Madelein Altman, Master Slave Relationship, and many others that I don't want to look up right now. These were a direct outcropping of the Abject and Unusual Video Festivals. This has happened yearly since 1987, though we haven't done it this year. Print Media: IAO Core Magazines # 1 through 13 and, of course, the forthcoming 14. Copyrights void where obtainable. (only #s 12, 13 and of course 14 available for $7.00). Radio: Currently we host a show from 3 AM to 7 AM on Free Radio Berkeley, it's very late so excuse the segues. It's either us or the estimable Jason Patrick on the bridge.
The above works available can be obtained by sending check, money order, or heck, send cash, but send it to IAO CORE 326 Dogwood Drive Walnut Creek, CA 94598 or to m.c. Schmidt (IAO-OAI) 850 Geary Boulevard #31 San Francisco CA 94109-7252 all prices include the postage paid (in the United States, for elsewhere, send a little more money...I don't know, a dollar or two.)

IAO Core is, and their other involvements have been/are...

David Gardner- The Null Set, Rhythm and Noise, The Exterminating Angel, Katharsis, PGR, 455TENTH
m.c. (Martin) Schmidt- MATMOS, The Red Rocket Theatre Company, The San Francisco Art Institute, 455TENTH, The Varangian, EX-I
Johann R. Ayres- IAO Core, Ambient Temple of Imagination (ATOI), Mozone, 455TENTH, The Varangian
Kalonica McQueston- Elbows Akimbo, Consternation of Pain
Kevin "Gasstation" McKereghan- Kulintang Arts, Consternation of Pain, Shaved Madonna Corps, Personal Dosimeter, Elbows Akimbo, 455TENTH
Kris Force- Amber Asylum, Neurosis, The Force/Nordstrom Gallery, 455TENTH, The San Francisco Art Institute, EX-I, Fourwaycross
Andrew N. Daniel- Crain, MATMOS, Klubstitute
Jo-Ann F.- Center for the Cultivation of the Post Modern English Renaissance, JOHN DEE Society,

Members we hardly ever see anymore have included;
~Demitria Monde Thraam (of offshoot project Choronzon)
~Danielle "Hell" Willis


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Demitria Monde Thraam said...

Since Martin was being a real dick about this - I tried to get him to fix it 5000 times or so but he never f'in did - could I implore thee to make the correction to the bottom-most text including my name? My name is Demitria Monde Thraam - not "Demetria", not "Mond" and though at the time I had used Von as a middle name, as a joke, the real middle name should be "Monde" as the initials to the whole are DMT. This is important...

Also it would do my heart a great help if you could include a short phrase on the current existence of the offshoot project Choronzon, and a link to same (http://choronzon.org); in return, I will link your blog from Choronzon.org's front page sidebar.

See...Mr. Schmidt sort of never liked me much (theories are bandied about that he had a crush of some sort on John and that this was the reason; I think it was sheer class-consciousness on his part; we all used to live together. I had to get city-assistence to pay my rent one month because I dun' have a huge friggin' inheritance to pay it with, and then, after I DID pay it, and not even late - Martin kicked me out of 455TENTH as a resident citing my chaotic nature as reason - if that was the case, why did he let me live there for so long befpre? - I am not the sort of politico who blames everything on The Rich but in this case that's the problem I am pretty sure...